It is never a single snowflake that makes up an avalanche. Likewise it usually takes more than an individual and a great idea to make an impact.

As entrepreneurs, one of our many challenges is that we are often quite alone, unknown, with little money, working on abstract ideas not knowing which one will actually work one day. Given that, what we do have is the freedom to work on whatever we want to work on.

If you happen to be part of an existing organisation with an intrapreneurship program, your situation is completely different. You are not alone, you are part of an organisation that has a reputation, and usually, you have some money at your disposal. However, what you don’t have, is the complete freedom the entrepreneur has: You have to follow a corporate agenda, and many organisations consider the rigidity of their own organisation as one of the main threats to really new innovations.

We at the Snowball Lab positions ourselves in between the traditional entrepreneur and the intrapreneur: We take the liberty of an entrepreneur and combine it with the structure an intrapreneur can build on to support the emergence of new ideas and projects.