Our goal

We create a create a constructive and stimulating work context where creative, meaningful ideas and projects can emerge and mature.

Our focus

We focus our energy and creativity on:

bulletpoint Projects that bring people together from diverse backgrounds and disciplines

bulletpoint Projects that are ambitious

bulletpoint Projects that harness the energy of people through unexpected and unconventional collaborations



Even if we work on different projects, we always make sure we have time to support each other and enjoy what we are doing.

Constructively critical

Working on really new ideas and projects requires us to think beyond what people commonly see and to question things.


Even though we are collaborative and put work-life balance ahead of results, we are ambitious. We want projects that make an impact (as much financial as social and environmental).


We can not work on really new things if we are not able to let go of what doesn’t work, be ready willing learn, adapt and be open to new ideas. This requires flexibility.


This may sound like a contradiction to “flexible”. The idea behind this is that if we are more structured where structure is needed, we can be more flexible where flexibility is a plus.

So what can we offer you?

kheox_consulting_home_02An organisational culture that values outside the box thinking and collaboration.

kheox_consulting_home_02Access to a growing network of active people interested in innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.

kheox_consulting_home_02Practical support in getting your project from a seed to full fruition.

kheox_consulting_home_02An attractive work space right in the centre of Lausanne.