We are proud to inform everyone that Green-Pages.ch is now online!

Green-Pages.ch is an online directory of Swiss companies and organisations that distinguish themselves through their commitment to environmental protection and fair working conditions.

The roadmap for the next steps:

  • Fix bugs: The website is indeed still in beta-stage, meaning the mean features should work, but there are also still bugs that we will fix over the next weeks or months.
  • Add content: We will continuously add content. Right now we have already almost 100 entries. Not that much yet, but we’re progressing!
  • Community building: The project is entirely community based. While the Snowball Lab supports the creation of the website, we need a community of volunteers that give live to the project. Right now, we are looking for partners who can help us spread the word.
  • Events: We see our project as more than an online directory, but an active community of consumers and companies that comes together with a common goal of promoting a sustainable economy. To make this happen, we intend to organise various events. More news to come!
  • An app: We dream of an app. Right now, we don’t have the financial resources for this yet. Let’s make this happen next year!