We are very proud to inform everybody that on April 29th the Snowball Lab officially opens its doors.

What is the Snowball Lab? Simon explains it as follows: If I’m not one of these super charismatic personalities, it may be difficult to start off with ambitious and unconventional ideas. If then you can say that you are of this organisation that already has a couple of good references, it can become much easier to get new projects off the ground. The Snowball Lab wants to be such an organisation.

The Snowball Lab is different from other organisations in that it does more than offer advice, infrastructure and connections. It’s an organisation (with all that goes with this, in particular a stimulating organisational culture) that developes new ideas and projects.

How this organisation (it doesn’t exist as a legal entity yet) operates and makes money still needs to be defined. A couple of interesting project ideas are however already in the pipeline. If you want to stay informed, sign up on our newsletter or follow us on facebook or twitter.