The goal of the Partico cooperative is to develop a platform and network of qualified, experienced people who can work on high-profile projects or part-time. After many interviews and meetings, we are happy to announce that we have started the web development, forcing us to define how things should operate. For now, the goal is to create a working prototype that will allow us to further explore our needs and opportunities and validate our hypothesis.

We have also talked with several people in the HR and law field and have confirmed what we anticipated: The legal constraints in Switzerland are important, but if we continue to think with the idea of a cooperative of consultants we have a very elegant way to start. If things go well, we can still offer more options, even for people who don’t want to become member of the cooperative.

While we continue working on the platform, we are looking particularly for people with a background in HR and law. If you are one of them and interested in the project, please contact us.

Finally, share with your friends or people you know might be interested. We are collecting emails of interested parties for our beta testing.