Ideas development

Gathering active people interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, we hatch new ideas and projects.

Inside out: The impulse of new projects can come from our own network. We plant a seed and see what happens.

Outside in: Outside organisations that want their own ideas to be developed in a stimulating environment can bring their ideas (and people) to us.  


To nurture a culture of creativity and collaboration and to inspire and learn from each other, we organise and coordinate regular events, such as:

  • Brainstorming workshops
  • open networking
  • P2P support
  • customised workshops on specific topics.

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The Snowball Lab is in itself a project in development. We hope to soon have lots of ideas and projects to present here. Right now this is what we are working on:, the online directory for a green economy, the online directory for a green economy is an online directory for companies that distinguish themselves through their social or environmental responsibility. The goal is to promote a green economy, meaning to bring companies closer together with clients who seek and value products or...

Lausanne Creative Citizens Weekend

Lausanne Creative Citizens Weekend

Collaborating with Oikos Lausanne, the Snowball Lab is organising a creative weekend to stimulate new ideas and projects for the city we live in. We believe that every person has a creative side and some ideas about what could be done to improve the city we live in....

The part-time consultants network

The part-time consultants network

There are a lot of expat spouses in the Montreux-Lausanne-Geneva region, people that following their spouse on an international placement. They are often highly qualified and experienced, but don’t speak the local language and are not part of a local network. These...

Get your team to work more autonomously. Sociocracy workshop

Get your team to work more autonomously. Sociocracy workshop

While pressure and the call for strong leadership remains high, there are also more and more companies that realise that giving autonomy to their employees can yield better results and increase people’s the motivation and commitment. However, transitioning from a top...

New website online

New website online

Yeah, our new website is online. Thank you very much to Nicolas Paupe for the design and Tanto Marketing for the implementation. French content will soon be there too.