Ideas development

Gathering active people interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, we hatch new ideas and projects.

Inside out: The impulse of new projects can come from our own network. We plant a seed and see what happens.

Outside in: Outside organisations that want their own ideas to be developed in a stimulating environment can bring their ideas (and people) to us.  


To nurture a culture of creativity and collaboration and to inspire and learn from each other, we organise and coordinate regular events, such as:

  • Brainstorming workshops
  • open networking
  • P2P support
  • customised workshops on specific topics.

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The Snowball Lab is in itself a project in development. We hope to soon have lots of ideas and projects to present here. Right now this is what we are working on:

Urban Creative Weekend Lausanne

Urban Creative Weekend Lausanne

There are many events such as hackathons or start-up weekends that bring together creative people to develop ideas of entrepreneurial ventures. From informal discussions with the Chamber of Social and Solidary Economy Vaud was born the idea of a “citizen... is online. Help us testing it is online. Help us testing it

We are proud to inform everyone that is now online! is an online directory of Swiss companies and organisations that distinguish themselves through their commitment to environmental protection and fair working conditions. The roadmap for...

Comparing Sociocracy and Holacracy

Comparing Sociocracy and Holacracy

It was during my training in organisational development that I heard for the first time about “self-organising teams” as well as Sociocracy and Holacracy. Wanting to know more, I quickly found out that Sociocracy and Holacracy are tightly linked. But where to start...